Thy Delightful Shade

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I'm very pleased to announce the release of my new album 'Thy Delightful Shade', featuring ten songs inspired by British poetry. I've started this project in 2009, and it took quite a while to finish it. Four singles were released in 2013/2014, but at the time there were no plans to release an album. However, after releasing 'Sonnets by Susan Evance', I wanted to continue on the path of setting poetry to music. Finishing 'Thy Delightful Shade' seemed a logical step forward.

The four original singles are  included on the album, they have been expanded, remixed and remastered. Five other tracks, which I have been developing since 2009, were added, including the recent single 'Ode To Pity'. And, recently, I couldn't resist setting another poem by Susan Evance to music: 'The Redbreast'. The album features many beautiful sounds: the counter tenor at the end of 'Ode To Pity', the redbreast from our garden on (of course) 'The Redbreast' (also featuring ethereal woman's voices). Apart from that, several arrangements are rather orchestral.

I've also made five full length videos, they can be found on the 'videos' pages. I hope you'll enjoy this album! I think it's my best work so far. Apart from watching the videos, you can listen to song excerpts on the 'player & shop' page.

Available from:    CD Baby (mid price!)    *    iTunes    *    Amazon    *    Google Play
On request available as 44kHz (CD quality) and/or 96kHz (studio quality) *.wav files ( 6.49). Message me on Facebook.

Downloads (.pdf):     Book (A4)    *    CD cover (A4)    *   CD cover (A3)    *   Sheet Music