Releases, so far:

I've released several albums: 'Lost In Love' (2007/2012), 'The Void' (2009), 'Quest' (2011), 'Sonnets by Susan Evance' (in two volumes) (2016) and, most recently 'Thy Delightful Shade' (2017). Setting English poetry to music is an ongoing project, and recently I released the album 'Autumn Airs, featuring poems (about Autumn...) set to music. From this album, the single 'Autumn' (poem by John Clare) was released.

From the project 'Thy Delightful Shade', a first single was released in 2013: 'Shall Earth No More Inspire Thee', after the poem by Emily Bronte.  Further single releases in 2014 were 'The Deserted House' (Alfred Lord Tennyson), 'The Tree' (Anne Finch) and 'Times Go By Turns' (Saint Sir Robert Southwell), and, in 2017, 'Ode To Pity' (William Collins). The album 'Thy Delightful Shade' has been released in February 2017. Videos were made for each single.

'Sonnets by Susan Evance' explores the melancholic poetry of this forgotten 19th century poet. 26 of her sonnets were set to music. Videos were made for six songs.

The first three albums are more mainstream, although 'Quest' has also been described as a torch song album.

Also released are compilation albums, one containing new remixes from the albums 'Lost In Love' and 'The Void' ('Extended Remixes 2013') and one containing reworked ballads from the first three albums, as wel as four new tracks ('Ballads 2007-2014'). In 2015, a compilation of all single releases to date was added, titled 'Singles 2007-2014' (in two volumes).

Future projects include an album sung in Latin.

Some personal information: here.

Note: unfortunately I'm no longer the only 'nion' in the digital shops, there's also an Indie rap artist, an Estonian band, and a German hard rock band called nion... The links on my discography pages will send you to the proper releases in the shops.

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