Some personal information:

For as long as I can remember, I've heard musical ideas playing in my head, and I've always had the urge to record them. I'm an autodidact, mostly. I've spend some time studying musicology at university, but I was young, undisciplined, way too wild - I couldn't get myself to finish the studies.

Learning music theory, learning to play an instrument and sing, all by oneself, isn't the easiest road to take. It takes a lot more effort than taking lessons. In retrospect, I regret not having done that...

I started recording my ideas at the age of twelve, but it took quite a while to produce music good enough to share with the world. By the time I released my first album, I was forty!

I've released several albums so far, you can listen to my music on this website, and of course the music is for sale through iTunes, Amazon, and other online shops.

I'm not that famous, nor am I very wealthy. I don't really need to be. Just a little more than I am now, perhaps :) I'm happily married and I have a part time job as a civil servant. There's quite a lot of time left to compose and record my music. I hope you'll enjoy listening to it!

Collected blogs and news items:

This illustrated file (.pdf) contains all blogs and news items I wrote between 2008 and 2023, as well as relevant Facebook posts. It's mostly 'tech talk' about recording and releasing my music, but occasionally it's personal, and it does contain some background information on lyrics.

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