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D-10/D-110 Sounds:
193 instruments, 10.3 GB:
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The D-110 RS-PCM sound module and its keyboard version, the D-10, were released in 1987/1988. The D-(1)10 uses Linear Arithmetic (LA) Synthesis and ROM samples. The D-110 tones are built from a maximum of four so called ‘partials’ (operators): either short PCM samples or synthesized waves (square and saw waves.  I've sampled the D-110  meticulously and converted its sounds to Native Instruments Kontakt instruments (Kontakt 5.5.2).  Note: this is not a synthesizer, it's a collection of sampled sounds.

In this sample collection, the tone banks have been created by sampling the partials, and combining them as they are combined in the D-110. Some tones use ring modulation, these have been sampled ‘as is’. Notes have been sampled from midi number 24 (C0) to 96 (C6). All samples have been recorded at 44,000 kHz/16-bit.

Some D-110 tones are velocity sensitive: brighter when played harder. This has been emulated on all tones by sampling the brightest sound (maximum velocity) and providing a Kontakt low pass filter that reacts to velocity. As a bonus, high pass, resonance and LFO filtering has been included, as well as ADSR editing, from the front panel.

For a detailed list of sounds, see this *.pdf file.

If you want to order a collection, please send me an email at info@nion.eu, stating which collection(s) you'd like to buy, and then pay the required amount through Paypal (please make it payable to info@nion.eu). You can pay in Euros, British Pounds or US Dollars; please use the currency converter on the right to determine the correct amount. After receiving your payment, I will send you the files through WeTransfer within 24 hours. Due to the size of the collections,  I can't send them by e-mail. Note: the collection may not work in the free Kontakt Player, only in the full version.

These instruments contain only one octave of samples, to give an impression of the quality. Of course, the full versions contain the entire range of samples! Download: Acoustic Piano / Electric Organ / Strings / Synthesizer Lead.