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The U-220 RS-PCM sound module and its keyboard
version, the U-20 were released in 1988/1989. They
use RS-PCM to generate sounds.
The U-220 has 64
factory patches, 128 timbres and 128 tones.
Fifteen expansion cards were released at the time,
containing 386 extra tones.

I've sampled the U-220  and its expansion cards
meticulously and converted its factory patches,
timbres and tones to
Native Instruments Kontakt
instruments (Kontakt 5.5). Single tones have one sample
per key, dual/mix tones have two samples per key.
Apart from the factory sounds, I've included many
variations as bonus patches in each collection.
If you want to order a collection, please send me
an email at
info@nion.eu, stating which
collection(s) you'd like to buy, and then pay the
required amount through Paypal (please make it
payable to

After receiving your payment, I will send you the
files through WeTransfer within 24 hours. 
Due to the size of the collections,  I can't send them
by e-mail.

If you want to upgrade your collection(s) to version 4.0, the cost is 4.99 euros/USD or 3.99 GB. Please state clearly in your email which collection(s) you'd like to upgrade.
1: U-20/220 Factory Sounds
(including 171 bonus patches):
531 patches, 4.59 GB:

29.99 euros/USD or 22.99 GBP

2: U-20/220 Complete Collection
(including all expansion cards):
1233 instruments, 13.6 GB:

49.99 euros/USD or 38.99 GBP

These instruments contain only one octave of samples, to give an impression of the quality. Of course, the full versions contain the entire range of samples!
Acoustic Piano / Nylon Guitar / Super Strings

The following collections are available:
Collection name: Origin: Factory tones: Bonus tones: Price: Size:
U-220/U-20 complete collection U-220 sound module & expansion cards 659 instruments 574 instruments 49.99 euros 13.6 GB
U-220/U-20 factory sounds U-220/U-20 sound module 320 instruments 181 instruments 29.99 euros 4.59 GB
Pipe Organ & Harpsichord SN-U110-01 expansion card 20 instruments 8 instruments 5.49 euros 486 MB
Latin Percussion & Effects SN-U110-02 expansion card 52 instruments 2 instruments 5.49 euros 0.98 GB
Ethnic SN-U110-03 expansion card 37 instruments 10 instruments 5.49 euros 680 MB
Electric Grand & Clavi SN-U110-04 expansion card 12 instruments 33 instruments 5.49 euros 138 MB
Orchestral Strings SN-U110-05 expansion card 11 instruments 7 instruments 5.49 euros 213 MB
Orchestral Winds SN-U110-06 expansion card 35 instruments 10 instruments 5.49 euros 577 MB
Electric Guitar SN-U110-07 expansion card 71 instruments 56 instruments 5.49 euros 1.41 GB
Synthesizer SN-U110-08 expansion card 28 instruments 7 instruments 5.49  euros 0.97 GB
Keyboard & Guitar SN-U110-09 expansion card 19 instruments 20 instruments 5.49  euros 789 MB
Rock Drums SN-U110-10 expansion card 2 instruments 2 instruments 2.49 euros 28 MB
Sound Effects SN-U110-11 expansion card 34 instruments 6 instruments 5.49 euros 1.24 GB
Sax & Trombone SN-U110-12 expansion card 20 instruments 9 instruments 5.49 euros 274 MB
Super Strings SN-U110-13 expansion card 12 instruments 4 instruments 5.49 euros 162 MB
Super Acoustic Guitar SN-U110-14 expansion card 20 instruments 47 instruments 5.49 euros 694 MB
Super Brass SN-U110-15 expansion card 13 instruments 7 instruments 5.49 euros 473 MB
NOTE: Expansion cards  8 and 9 are included in the U-220 factory tones collection! Click the links above to open a PDF file containing a list of all tones.
Conversion rates: 29.99 euros/USD = 21.999 GBP // 7.49 euros/USD = 5.49 GBP // 4.99 euros/USD = 3.69 GBP (at the moment, euros have nearly the same value as USD).