My musical journey

Welcome to my world of music! I have released several albums throughout the years, each representing a chapter in my artistic growth: 'Lost In Love' (2007), 'The Void' (2009), 'Quest' (2011), 'Sonnets by Susan Evance' (in two volumes) (2016), 'Thy Delightful Shade' (2017), 'Autumn Airs' (2019), and my latest album 'Maria, Mater Dei' (2021).

'Maria, Mater Dei' is an album sung in Latin, featuring Marian antiphons, hymns, and prayers. It also includes the demo release of 'Magnificat' in January 2020 and 'Alma Redemptoris Mater', which was released as a single in November 2021.

One of my ongoing projects is setting English poetry to music. 'Sonnets by Susan Evance' is an exploration of the melancholic poetry of a forgotten 19th-century poet. I composed music for 26 of her sonnets and created captivating music videos for six of the songs. .

From the project 'Thy Delightful Shade', I released the single 'Shall Earth No More Inspire Thee' in 2013, followed by the singles 'The Deserted House' (Alfred Lord Tennyson), 'The Tree' (Anne Finch), 'Times Go By Turns' (Saint Sir Robert Southwell), and 'Ode To Pity' (William Collins) in subsequent years. The complete album was released in February 2017, accompanied by music videos for each single.

In 2019, I released 'Autumn Airs,' an album that blends Autumn-themed poems with melodies. One of the highlights is 'Autumn,' a musical interpretation of John Clare's poem.

While my first two albums ('Lost In Love' and 'The Void') have a more mainstream appeal, 'Quest' has been recognized as a torch song album, evoking powerful emotions through its passionate compositions.

I have also curated compilation albums, including 'Extended Remixes 2013', featuring new remixes from 'Lost In Love' and 'The Void,' and 'Ballads 2007-2014,' which presents reworked ballads from my early albums along with four new tracks. Additionally, 'Singles 2007-2014' (in two volumes) compiles all my single releases up to that point.

A glimpse into my personal life

From a young age, I've been captivated by melodies that dance through my mind, urging me to capture and breathe life into them. Though I briefly pursued musicology at university, my longing for creative freedom led me to veer away from completing formal studies.

As a self-taught musician, I embarked on a solitary path, immersing myself in learning music theory, mastering the keyboard, and developing my vocal skills. Sometimes I wonder if formal lessons would have made the journey smoother, but then again, this unconventional approach has shaped the distinctiveness of my sound.

At the age of twelve, I started recording my musical ideas, gradually honing my craft to create music that I felt ready to share with the world. However, it wasn't until I turned forty that I finally released my debut album.

While I may not boast widespread fame or fortune, I find fulfillment in life's simple joys. A loving marriage and a part-time role as a civil servant provide me with the balance I need to compose and record my music. With abundant time at my disposal, I pour my heart and soul into crafting melodies that resonate with your very essence. I genuinely hope you find comfort and joy in the harmonies I create!

Social media

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