On River Banks My Love Was Born

A novelette based on the poem by
Digby Mackworth Dolben

by Archibald Meadowson

A tale of enduring love between two young men, Damian and Brendan, in a pastoral village. As teenagers, they discover an intense affinity that blossoms into romance. Their secret sanctuary is a secluded riverbank shaded by willow trees, where they are free to be themselves, reading poetry aloud and sharing dreams for the future. This emotional allegorical journey utilizes the river and pastoral motifs to explore the soaring highs, melancholic lows, and transforming nature of an extraordinary love. It speaks to the timeless theme of following one's heart against the tide of convention. Through vivid scenery and passionate characters, this novelette crafts an immersive tale that evokes universal human experiences of love, loss, perseverance and redemption.

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Released: December 2023;
2023, all rights reserved.