The Poetry of Susan Evance

With an Introduction

by Archibald Meadowson

In the rich landscape of Romantic literature, Susan Evance's poetry emerges as a nearly forgotten yet luminous thread among the works of Byron, Shelley, and Wordsworth.
This anthology invites readers to delve into Evance's emotional and existential explorations from the early 19th century. Although enigmatic and with only two published volumes, Evance's poetry reflects the era's themes of melancholy, love, loss, and spiritual quest. Her work journeys from despair to religious optimism, capturing the essence of Romantic despair and redemption.
This collection not only highlights Evance's talent but also places her within the broader context of early 19th-century women's literature. Rediscover Evance's legacy through this anthology, which celebrates her contributions and connects past poetic brilliance with present and future inspiration.

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Released: May 2024;
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