There Was One Who Walked In Shadow

A novelette based on the poems of
Digby Mackworth Dolben

by Archibald Meadowson

Embark on an enchanting journey where the meadow's first light unveils a narrative of mystery, redemption, and eternal love. In this captivating tale, a cloaked figure, Elias, stands sentinel in a meadow aglow with morning light, haunted by hidden torment and fractured memories. As the Living River flows, the enigmatic protagonist seeks solace near a willow tree, reflecting on past sins and a longing for redemption. Enter the world of Adrian, a determined traveller, drawn by vivid dreams and the discovery of an ancient manuscript. He marches towards mist-shrouded mountains, guided by the promise of divine revelation and a mystical birthright. Amidst the vibrant landscape, the Living River and lush surroundings hold untapped potential. As dawn breaks on the meadow, Adrian's exploration takes him to unexpected encounters with Elias, a cloaked figure intrigued by Adrian's vibrant spirit.

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Released: February 2024;
2024, all rights reserved.