• D-50/550 Factory Sounds and Expansion Cards - 384 instruments, 4.28 GB:
    19.99 Euros


The D-50 was released in 1987, and was also available as a rack version, the D-550. It was an extremely popular synthesizer, its sounds can be heard in many hit songs of the 80's and 90's. Four expansion cards were available, which have also been sampled for this collection. The D-50/550 combines samples with synthesis, thus creating very realistic sounds.

I've converted all sounds to Native Instruments Kontakt instruments (Kontakt 5.5.2). The sounds have been recorded without the D-(5)50 chorus or reverb: these effects have been added in Kontakt and can be controlled from the front panel. The keyboard range from C1 tot C6 has been sampled (sometimes one octave lower and/or higher), two samples per octave. All samples have been recorded at 44,000 kHz/16-bit.

Many D-50 sounds are brighter when played harder. This has been emulated on all sounds by sampling the brightest sound (maximum velocity) and providing a Kontakt low pass filter that reacts to velocity. The filter can be switched on (and off) from the front panel.


If you want to order this collection, please send an email to info@nion.eu, stating which collection(s) you'd like to buy, and then pay the required amount through Paypal (please make it payable to info@nion.eu).

After receiving your payment, I will send you the files through WeTransfer. Due to the size of the collections, I can't send them by e-mail.


These instruments contain only a few octaves of samples, to give an impression of the quality. Of course, the full versions contain the entire range of samples!



  • This is not a synthesizer, it's a collection of sampled sounds.
  • The collection may not work in the free Kontakt Player, only in the full version.